Our Subsidiaries

DataGarda consists of various data-focus subsidiaries working together to provide our partners and customers with the best solutions and services

DATACAKRA SOLUSI JAGANATA or DataCakra is Industry 4.0 specialist that serves enterprises across Indonesia with the focus on Industrial IoT. Established in 2019 with focus in data gathering using Internet of Things solutions to support DataGarda’s data-focused initiative. DataCakra has won prestigious nation-wide IoT projects in manufacturing, mining, and military.

Logo Data Prospera

DataProspera focuses on data analytics, insights and business intelligence. Raw data is turned into meaningful information that can be used to serve businesses. This company is supported by dozens of Big Data  scientists and engineers with years of experience to be able to produce high-quality solutions and services. The future goal of DataProspera is to run Data Analysis As A Service (D3AS) business model.


DataProperindo or EPICHOR runs property and data center infrastructure  and development business in Indonesia. It provides data center project planning, design and build solutions and services to our partners and customers.


DATASEMESTA or SEMESTA provides cloud hosting solutions for small and medium enterprises across Indonesia, as well as retail customers. SEMESTA strives to democratize cloud services to the people in Indonesia with strong cloud offerings, solid services, and affordable prices. SEMESTA serves as the underlying cloud platform for other services in DATAGARDA.


Fortech is the latest member of DataGarda that focuses on blockchain and decentralized finance services.Fortech has the ultimate goals to further enhance financial services in Indonesia as well as support financial inclusion programs. Fortech supports various modern blockchain functionalities such as staking pool, liquidity mind and other form of blockchain smart contracts.


DataMarka is the guardian of DataGarda. It acts as information security company that focuses on securing all DataGarda portfolio companies’ data security, IT infrastructure security, to network security configuration. DataMarka also conducts various projects in both public and private sectors in-relation to data security services and management.




SOJATEK has a primary objective to  address customers’ requirements with a focus on IT networking solutions. SOJATEK was initially started as a network consultant to transform customer’s legacy network to Next-Gen network in various enterprises in Indonesia. SOJATEK serves various enterprises across Indonesia, including Unilever.


FAASRI is DataGarda data center infrastructure provider and operator. It offers a true Tier-IV ready data center in Bogor, West Java. FAASRI provides scalable, flexible, and cost-effective data center offering for both enterprise and small-medium business across Indonesia, as well as IT solutions, system licenses, and cloud computing services.


INFINITY provides armed weapons, military vehicles, ships, boats, airplanes, spare-parts, machinery, and building infrastructure for various government institutions, especially Indonesian military. It has been on the business since the year of 2000 and has been trusted in managing hundreds of high-profile government projects.


VANILYS is a military consultant, security, and surveillance provider for a lot of government agencies. Vanilys has been around since 2011 and takes care of various projects, ranging from tracking modules, radar system, wireless video and audio monitoring (tapping), VIP protection, mobile forensics, and many other things.

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