Solutions & Services

DataGarda provides our partners and customers with data-focused solutions and services throughout various industries in our digital economy landscape

Wind Energy & Solar Energy

DataGarda, with our partners,  is capable in developing  wind and solar energy solutions for our clients. From initial concept through construction and all implementation of a wind and or solar energy to power our clients’ data centers.

We do project planning, design and build, as well as project management, operation and maintenance, to ensure business get a proper benefit from their green data center plan.

Data Center Development

From securing location, proper permits, to plan, design and build, DataGarda will help our partners and customers to execute their data center development plans.

Blockhain Data Analytics

Our latest initiative is our data-focused blockchain initiative. We are assured that blockchain will become our next generation internet and financial backbone, hence becoming proficient in its data infrastructure and analytics is paramount. We have built a dedicated team within our DataProspera subsidiary to focus on this initiative.

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Through one of our subsidiaries, DataGarda offers a full suite of data analytics and business intelligence solutions and services. Business insights have become one of of the primary drivers in company’s growth. Recognizing this, DataGarda helps their clients to get the best insights into their businesses.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Our industrial strenght IoT solutions, provide our customers with the ability to gather data, monitor their business workflows and eventually automate their actions as part of cost and business efficiency efforts.

Efficiency and low emission from green energy source is the future of data center.