PT. Datagarda Perkasa Sejahtera is a data-focused holding company with subsidiaries focusing in various sectors in digital data landscape

Our Vision

To be a great contributor to the Indonesian and Southeast Asian digital economy.  By providing the best data-focused digital transformation solutions and services for corporate enterprises & small-medium businesses. including but not limited to: data centers, data infrastructure, property, healthcare, big data, Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and digital financial services.

Our Mission

To synergize our subsidiaries to become an integrated entity to serve national and regional markets (primarily Indonesian and Southeast Asian markets).

To establish itself as a strong business entity with solid financial aspects and growth across all subsidiaries.

To create a consortium of companies with a forward thinking mindset that anticipates the next industrial revolution including artificial intelligence, IoT, and blockchain.

To become a customer-focused company that aspires to provide best possible solutions and services to our partners and customers across industries.

Our Mission

Our Milestone

Since 1993, our portfolio of companies have proven themselves as some of the most innovative players in the Indonesian IT industry landscape. Initially founded as a software development company, our focus has now shifted into a more data-focused portfolio of companies. DataGarda sets it sights to establish itself as a top-tier data-focused IT company in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

In 2012, our data center infrastructure and operation in Bogor (40 km south of Jakarta) was awarded as the first Tier-III Data Center (Tier-IV Ready Data Center) in Southeast Asia by Uptime Institute. We are trusted by various business entities from both public and private sectors to run wide-range of prestigious projects.

To further our commitment to the environment, we are now also offering green data center solutions and services.

2021 And Beyond

As part of the reinvention plan, DataGarda has realigned its strategy to become more data-focused company to align itself with the industry 4.0 and beyond. We are offering forward thinking data-focused solutions and services, that will help our partners and customers to achieve their goals. We halso also started various collaborations and acquisitions of wide-range of companies in Indonesia, to strengthen our overall portfolio, skill-set, knowledge-base, and business networks.

Another solution we are offering is green energy sources for our data center partners and customers.

As a result, DataGarda sees a massive growth in both portfolio and size of business. We will continue this initiative to further enhance growth and to achieve our goals.

Target Market

With the ICT spending in Indonesia reaching US$ 29.5 billion in 2020, many companies across Indonesian and Southeast Asian markets are definitely undergoing massive digital transformation, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

They understand that they have to transform immediately to help business leaders make strategic decisions to stay ahead of competition and face the ever-changing digital world.

We are competing within these markets by leveraging our expertise and experience to achieve our goals.

Billion USD


We own and operate Tier-III data centers, offices, workshops, and branches across Indonesia with future plan to also establish our presence in Southeast Asia locations.

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